Looking for a competitive quote for cold formed parts with/without threads, setscrews and special screws? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to our efficient processes, we can supply outstanding products at very competitive prices. As a pioneer in the cold forming of stainless steel, no other company comes close to matching our long-standing experience in processing this material. We can even produce complex design elements from a single piece, and improve the mechanical characteristics through work-hardening for maximum load capacity.

As we specialize in these methods, we can produce parts on our cold forming presses right up to M16. You’ll be impressed by our cold-forming processes’ low power consumption and maximum utilization of materials, fast production time and optimized costs. Thanks to our close collaboration with machine manufacturers, we use the latest equipment and can achieve an unprecedented level of precision and reliability. We produce wire diameters from 2mm to 15mm on our 4-stage and 6-stage cold forming presses with parts lengths of 3mm to 100mm.

Professional finishing

We also pay great attention to ensure the pressed blanks are finished to perfection by using CNC machines with multi-axis turning centers. Thanks to our high degree of vertical integration, virtually our entire value chain remains in house. And through precision machining, we guarantee we meet the highest standards in terms of quality, technical component cleanliness and dimensional accuracy.